Tuesday, August 23, 2011

the new and improved scarfalace

I have jumped on the upcycled bandwagon!
I was bored this morning and wanted to do something that wouldn't take long, so I grabbed an old orange
t-shirt, a pair of scissors and began cutting. And now I have this!

  What you need:
old stretchy but not ribbed t-shirt
20 minutes

Cut the shirt horizontal in different sizes until you reach the armpit, collect a few pieces at a time and begin stretching. Stretch some real far and some just a quick stretch. They will roll up and hid any imperfections from the scissors. After you are done stretching, gather them all together and tie with one of the spare pieces.

The result is a fantastically chic scarfalace!
Pair with a necklace and tank top for a casual but fun look! 

Has anyone else made one of these fab scarfalaces yet? Leave your link to share your ideas!

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