Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I've Got Mail

I love it when the post man comes to my door! Mainly because when he does he is bringing me goodies!
As you can see, not the goodies that I get to eat, but the goodies that I, or in this case my totally awesome hubby ordered from Ebay. By the way I LOVE EBAY!

Do you remember when you were a kid and your parents BBQed and then the whole family ate outside...and do you remember the cool wicker plate holders you used? Well... I now OWN 12 of those vintage wicker plate holders!
We love to BBQ and eat outside during the summer and now the mess will be less!
I wonder if he would notice if I re purposed a few of them??? Nothing is this house is safe.....

Not only did I get that totally great present but I also got my new  Restoration Hardware {baby & child} catalogue. I have gotten so many ideas from this catalogue for the boys rooms redo I am going to do this summer.

Ideas like:
Art work on clip boards, and flash card word art

Framed ribbons from field days and sports, and simple, classic furniture

I have big plans coming up and its all thanks to Restoration Hardware! Yay, today!!!!


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Ches said...

I havent shopped on ebay but I sure do love to sell stuff on there.

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