Monday, May 2, 2011

Easiest Flowers to grow indoors

I dont know about you but I LOOOVEEE real flowers. Any chance I get I am using real flowers in my house, the problem is they die SO FAST! I have been on a search this spring for flowers that I can pot and grow in my house, after several unsecessful tries I found that Impatients are by far the best and fastest growing to use! I have this big wire basket on my kitchen counter that holds three pots of these pretty pink Impatients.
 I put them outside for a few hours in the moring so that they can get their sun (we all need a little sun to make us happy), water them daily and this is the reward I get! It's a little happy, light, bright and fun for my kitchen!

So if your wanting some flowers to grow indoors try these! Or if you have had success with another kind please share, I am loving growing flowers indoors!


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