Friday, April 29, 2011

Bathroom Update

Man oh man my bathroom update is moving at snail speed! My biggest dilemma here is that, well I have a few dilemmas...1. I have boys (gross) and everything I want to do is either to chic or girly for them and
2. They are at that weird age, not quite teens, but not little. So I am trying to make a masculine kinda grown up bathroom that will work for several years and that is cheap! So far I am failing at cheap...I started with a ship theme, which is pretty cool. Not necessarily nautical or beachy, but very masculine.
You can read this post to see my initial inspiration. Since that post, I was NOT happy with the accessories or shower curtain, so naturally...I changed them. I found some pretty cool stuff that I really like and the boys seem to like it too
I got the sea grass platter thing at Family Dollar for $3
(yes that is Dial soap...fancy soaps in a boys bathroom just doesn't work..sorry)

I got this sail boat at Hobby Lobby for $5, cant beat half off!
(yes my outlet is missing the cover...that on my list too)

The glass lanterns hanging from the paddle I also got a Family Dollar for $1 each.
I got some in red too for my dining room!

I love the blue, black, and white color scheme. I wasn't sure at first but I really like it.
Question for those moms with boys...I really want to get rid of the bathroom rugs and get some regular rugs, boys NEED the toilet rug there (if your the mom of a boy you get it) what are my options??

I also splurged a whopping $30 for the shower curtain I really wanted at Target. To me it MAKES the bathroom.

We are good with the accessories now, so it's on to the more expensive things like fixtures and lighting and stuff like that. UUUGGG!
But here's my ideas and where I need the help now...I am going to spray paint the door knob, replace the shower curtain rack to match the door knob, take off the toilet paper holder and get a toilet paper stand and I am also thinking about a big frame! I have seen through blogland people hanging frames over the mirror, I love the idea! I don't necessarily want to frame the mirror just yet, because I know that sometime in the near distant future we will be doing a major overhaul in there with the flooring and vanity, so I really don't want to spend much to achieve the "framed mirror look" but I thought if I got a frame big enough that it didn't interfere with the boys actually being able to see, painted it black and hung it on a masculine fabric that would be pretty cool. So what do ya think? It's coming along...slowly. Any ideas, open to inspiration and advise!


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