Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring Pennant Centerpiece

I saw this project while perusing Embellishing Life and HAD to copy it! Thanks Embellishing Life!
Her's was a fall themed centerpiece so cute CLICK HERE to check it out!
Because I just recently found it I decided I wanted to make my pennants with bright springy scrapbook paper that can work around my house for the next few months. On a mission I went to Hobby Lobby and found some really great paper (I am never on a mission when I go there but I have to say I was so excited to make these puppies I was in and out in record time)!

Here's how I made my pennants and what I used:
5 different scrapbook papers
hole puncher
dowles (whatever size you want)
glue stick

I started by making a pennant stencil.

Fold each paper in half and lay your stencil on the folded edge, trace and cut.
Doing it this way allows you to have color paper on both sides.

Glue paper together, hole punch, and then tie your pennant to the stick with the twine.

This project seriously took me 20 minutes.
The longest part was tying them to the sticks.

Then put them in whatever container you want! I currently have them in tarnished silver goblets full of sand on my mantle. The sand keeps them in place. I have even thought about for Easter, getting the fake grass we put in our kids baskets and filling up a vase with it and putting them in there for the centerpiece.
Possibillities are endless!

What do you think? Jelly beans maybe or shells?


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3 comments: said...

Hey Jen,

Thanks so much for guest posting at my blog. It was so nice of you to help out. Your little project is perfect, so simple, and so cute.


Bella :)

Holly said...

So cute! I love that the project is simple but looks so fabulous...just like Martha made it...but better!

Linda Bouf said...

LOVE IT!! Best wishes, Linda

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