Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wrong way spray painting the Right way

I am a self proclaimed lazy spray painter. There is just no other way around it. I want the quickest way to the final product and that does NOT include primer and waiting for each coat to dry. I know one day this is going to bite me in the butt, but for these projects it worked in my favor.

All I had to do in both projects was:
1. Grab my trusty can of Valspar spray paint.
 2. Apply 4 coats of spray paint, waiting 5 minutes or less in between coats. 
3. Wait 1 hour after the final application.
4. And sand to achieve desired effect, while not panicking.

The first of these projects I did this way was the candle sticks, and I have to admit when I started sanding and the spray paint started stripping off as heavy as it did, I was worried I had severely messed up my candle sticks. But the final product, which was to look like the PB candle sticks, was better than I anticipated. I have gotten tons of compliments on them and I really like them so I count it a success! 

When I attacked the bird house I did it the same way. The only difference was I lightly sanded the bird house first, which helped the spray paint to adhere a bit better. Still though I did not use primer and did not wait in between coats for the paint to dry. To me it looks great too! And again tons of compliments, so score #2 for spray painting the wrong way!

Obviously there are times when this "look" is not what your going after and primer is a must but I really like the look these two projects have. So there you have it, spray painting the wrong way can sometimes be the right way to do it!
 Let me know if you try your hand at this or if you have, did you like what it turned out like?



Tys said...

Those are great! Where'd you find those candlesticks that you spray painted? They have the right amount of detail to pop with the sanded spray paint!

I think I "wrong way spray paint" even when I'm trying to do it the right way ;)

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