Wednesday, April 27, 2011

DIY Flower Broches/Hair Clips

Happy Wednesday! I hope that every one had an amazing Easter weekend with your family, I know we did. Keeping with Campbell tradition we got up, worshiped our AWESOME Lord then went to my MIL's house for lunch and Easter egg hunt. We keep thinking that all the kids are getting to old, but they love it and my husband, brother and myself always have fun hiding the eggs.

So now that its all over and we are holiday free for a small bit I got a fun little project done!
As much as I did NOT want to jump on the flower/bow thingy in the hair band wagon I have!
I scored two really great items at Sam Moon (the most amazing store EVER!) for a buck each and LOOOOOVEEE them.
My hair is finally long enough to wear in a lower side ponytail and I clip these pretty little things in!
What I love about these is that they have three different ways you can attach them.
Rubber band, Clip or Pin for your shirt! 
So....that inspired me to make some of my own. I grabbed a sheer top I never wear anymore, some extra buttons I had lying around and some fabric I had bought to make a rag wreath....(never got around to that...) and got to crafting.
I started by cutting out two different size circles from the sheer top.
Then I applied a dab of hot glue to the middle of the small circle and bunched it up in the middle, I was going for a ruffled look.
I then applied a small dab of hot glue to the bigger circle and pressed it on to the smaller circle. 
I applied small amounts of hot glue around the circles, bunching and attaching in random places until I got the look I wanted.
And of coarse last but not least I glued the button on top. 

For the next one I followed the same steps as above, except I used three circles all different sizes!
 Easy peasy!!! I mean really, the biggest pain of this was burning myself on the glue!
And now I have two cute flower things I can attached to my tops with a safety pin!

What do you think?? I know what my new craft hobby is now!
Give it a try and link back so I can see what you made!


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MommaHen said...

They really change up an outfit- I would love to make these.

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