Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Musings

A conversation between my husband and boys...
Husband in the kitchen making a tuna sandwich (I HATE TUNA!!!)
Chance: I'm hungry, whats that?
Hubby: Tuna
Chance: Gross! Tuna is nasty. Thats akward you eat is. (everything is akward to my 10 year old now..??)
Hubby: Have you ever eaten tuna?
Chance: No, because it's nasty.
Hubby: Try it, take a bite.
Chance: MOOOOMMM! Will you make me a tuna sandwich for school tomorrow?!

Hubby still in the kitchen, Chance gone.
Robert: Can I have some? What is it?
Hubby: Tuna sandwich
Robert: GROSS!
Hubby: Take a bite.
Robert: No, it smells funny
Hubby: Here take a small bite.
Robert: MOOOMMMM! Will you make me a tuna sandwich for school tomorrow?!

Conversation between Chance and Robert a few minutes later...
Chance: Mom is making me a tuna sandwich tomorrow. Dad gave me a bite.
Robert: She's making me one too, he gave me some too.
Chance: How much? I only got a spoonfull!
Robert: He gave me a thumbfull!
(Boys begin pondering who got more and who should run to dad yelling the unfairness)


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