Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'M BACCCKKK and Donald Trump for President

Hey ya'll! So sorry for the 2 week hiatus, it has been CRAZY busy here in the Campbell house.
 I posted a few weeks ago about baseball taking over our lives and I kid you not it is overwhelming but sooo much fun! My oldest son who plays catcher (and is darn good at it) got a compliment from the other team after the game on Tuesday. Thrilling!
Not only have we been consumed with baseball at every turn but there are insane wildfires here and it burned down the deer lease we are on! My husband went down there last night, after 2 weeks they finally opened up the roads, out of 1,000 acres and 12 deer stands, 800 acres were burned and 4 deer stands made it out untouched...OURS was one of the 4! As soon as we found out the fire was moving in that direction we began praying fervently, when he arrived last night to the lease he found that the fire had come within 2 feet of our camper and burned all around his stand and up to the legs of the deer feeder, but our belongings were untouched!
No one can say prayer is not powerful, God reached his hand down and placed it over our stuff protecting it.
We have had hospital visits, and yard work, tree cutting and yard mowing. All keeping me away from this oh so fun hobby I have began! But I am back!!! School is almost over for the kids, spring clean up of the yard has been done and baseball, well that is no where near done but I think life it on it's downward slope to not so busy.

I have lots of great stuff in store, new How Often Do You Clean It ideas, new makeup reviews, and a few new crafts I will be posting soon! So hang in there with me, we'll be back on the ball before you know it!

Now on to more interesting things....Donald Trump for President??? I know he hasn't officially announced his intention to run, but come on...I'm pretty sure he is. I have been watching him on the Today show and I have to say, if he runs I am SO voting for him! What do you think? Have ya'll seen him talking about it? What are your thoughts, do you think he is just the right man to get our country on the right track at last??? I am so intrigued by this!


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